Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Here are 10 things Gracie loves...

1. Dogs - Gracie loves dogs. In fact, one of her first words was "woof, woof". She loves her Granny and Papaws dog, Duke, a Golden Retriever. She loves the babysitter's dog, Maggie who is much smaller than Duke. Maggie always gets a kiss before Gracie goes home. Gracie gets excited when she sees a dog in a car beside us when we are driving. She loves stuffed dogs and books with dogs. The girl is a born dog lover. I am sure some day she will have her own.

2. Singing - It is part of our nightly routine to sing some songs. She doesn't seem to mind that neither mom or dad has much of a voice. She loves to sing songs with motions. Her current favorites include "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Five Green and Speckled Frogs". Her love of singing also helps to keep her occupied in the car.

3. Handy Manny - Gracie has definite love of this show. It is always her choice to watch Manny and nothing else will do when she has the chance to choose. I am not sure what it is about the show, but not much will drag her from it. She has a Manny toy complete with his tools. She likes to hit everything with Pat, the hammer. I think I smell our Halloween costume coming together.

4. Cookies - We have our own little "Cookie Monster". It doesn't matter what the type, she loves cookies. Every night after dinner, she requests her cookies.

5. Ice Cream - Gracie also thoroughly enjoys her ice cream. Any time the word is mentioned she makes a slurping noise to indicate that she knows what we are talking about.

6. Crocs - Our little girl loves her crocs. No other pair of shoes has ever made her so happy. She asks to put them on. When I came home with a new pair this week, she immediately started saying "Crocs, Crocs". One of her favorite things to say when we are getting her dressed is "Crocs on." I love these shoes too!!!

7. Baths - Gracie has recently discovered that she enjoys laying down in the bathtub. She finds this to be a lot of fun and laughs a lot when she does. She gave me the most pitiful cry, complete with the lip, when I told her "No bath tonight." So I gave in and let the kid have her bath.

8. Bailey - This is so evident in the way she tries to immitate anything she can that Bailey does.

9. Mindy and Chris - She loves to see her aunt and uncle. She especially loves to play with Mindy's phone, because she wants to see the picture of Chris. It is just amazing that Chris, the guy with a fear of small children, has taken to Gracie and become one of her favorite people. I think Mindy is going to disown her if she doesn't say "Mindy" soon. She says Chris all the time which is the main problem for Mindy.

10. Daddy (and Mommy) - Gracie loves her daddy. Nothing makes her more happy than seeing him. However, she is most content when both mommy and daddy are with her. It is like all is right in her world. When one of us is gone, she spends much of her time asking for the one who is gone. I love that Gracie enjoys her mommy and daddy so much.

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My Goodness said...

Very cute post...and a great way to keep track of your girl's favorite things!

I'm with her on the ice cream, fo sho!