Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting the wig busted...

Tuesday, we got Gracie's hair cut for the third time. I like to keep it trimmed in hopes that it will thicken up. She is really a wonderful child when it comes to haircuts. I should also mention that my hairdresser is wonderful with children and we may not be so lucky if the person doing the cutting weren't so accomodating.

Look at that happy face!

Taylina's Little Helper


One cute ponytail


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

When I Grow Up...

Today we went to visit the lawyer to finalize our will. Let me first say if you haven't done your own will, you should definitely do so. I didn't fully understand the importance until we had done so ourselves. The fun part of this process was taking Gracie along.

The lawyer has known Eric's family for a long time and was very relaxed with Gracie in (all over) his office.

Check out our future lawyer...

All In A Day's Work

"I have to take this call."

"I have to type these important legal documents." (can we say genius)

"I'd be lost without my Blackberry."
"How do I get my e-mail on this thing?"
At the end of the day, it's all about the big, comfy chair!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's almost that time...

My summer "break" is drawing to a close and I have to admit that I am a bit sad that my time at home with my little monkey is almost over. I still have many preparations to make for the new school year, but here are a few things I plan to do over the next week and a half for myself and my family.

1. Shop (I desperately need work attire)

2. Finalize our wills (not fun, but important)

3. Spend time with Gracie (laughing, running, playing, coloring, maybe even venturing out to PlayDoh)

4. Scrapbook (I hope)

5. Spend time with Bailey

6. Take Gracie to Build a Bear

7. Entertain friends I haven't seen for a while

8. Start using the Wii Fit

9. Get the wig busted - haircuts (Gracie and me)

Be sure to take time to enjoy the last couple of weeks before your school starts!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bathing the woof woof...

Gracie loves dogs (woof woofs). We don't have one but her grandparents and her babysitter do.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to the in-laws for an afternoon of swimming. Duke (their dog) went swimming with us for a few minutes, but when we had to close the gate to keep Gracie in, Duke was locked out. He decided to take his freshly groomed self down to the lake for a swim.

When he came back, he was one stinky mess. So he had to have a bath! What fun for my mini dog lover.

Granny got the shampoo and Papaw got Duke and the water hose. The bath began as Gracie stood by watching. All it took was the go ahead from Mom and she was "helping" with the bath and I was getting some cute scrapbooking material.

During the fun bath, Gracie leaned over and managed to get the dog shampoo in her hair. Now she is protected from shedding and fleas and ticks for at least a couple of weeks. : )

I love watching my Gracie have fun just being a kid. Someday I am sure she will bat those long eyelashes at her da da and ask for a dog of her own. Until then, we'll just have to convince her that Duke and Maggie are part hers.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Through a Teacher's Eyes...

First let me say, I have some great pics to share soon, but my camera battery died so the download will have to wait.

So instead I am going to get on my teacher soapbox and tell you what I wish every parent in my class could know.

1. Treat your child's teacher as a professional who (just like you) wants the best for your student. (I understand there are some who may lose this respect, but hopefully that is the exception, not the rule.)

2. All children are capable of misbehaving. They have a choice and responsibility for their behavior. Don't automatically blame the teacher.

3. Volunteer - If you can't come in during the day because of work, ask if there is something you can take home and do.

4. Homework is not meant to ruin your life.

5. Don't disrespect the teacher in front of your child.

6. No more mugs. Find out what the teacher likes if you are going to give a gift. If you don't know, buy a gift for the classroom (i.e. books, book gift cards, supplies, etc.)

7. Never use the phrase, you work 7-3 and get 3 months off in the summer. It just isn't true!

8. Read the stuff we send home.

9. Send a note or word of encouragement if you see or something you like. If you are REALLY impressed with something, tell the administration.

10. Choose an appropriate bedtime.

11. Show interest in your kids work.

12. Read at home.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

10 Things To Love About Summer '08

1. Sleeping until 7:30 a.m. - Much better than 5:30 a.m.

2. Afternoon naps

3. Watching Gracie discover new things on morning walks - "birds, trees, cars, woof woofs" and various other things I can't yet translate

4. Experiencing Gracie's unparalleled joy over the simplest of things - i.e Marshmallows (always accompanied with squeals of delight)

5. Countless hours of scrapbooking - o.k. I'll admit it - This is a year round pleasure - I'm an addict - Maybe there's a 12 step program for people like me

6. Watching Gracie try to imitate whatever Bailey does in the pool - I love to see that relationship forming between the cousins - even with the 8 year difference in age

7. Eavesdropping on daddy and daughter time (hard to explain in words, but if you've experienced it, you know what I mean)

8. New adventures

9. Being able to watch Gracie learn so many new things - Especially her impression of a monkey and her fake snoring (with eyes wide open)

10. Being able to slow down long enough to recognize what really matters in life