Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bathing the woof woof...

Gracie loves dogs (woof woofs). We don't have one but her grandparents and her babysitter do.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to the in-laws for an afternoon of swimming. Duke (their dog) went swimming with us for a few minutes, but when we had to close the gate to keep Gracie in, Duke was locked out. He decided to take his freshly groomed self down to the lake for a swim.

When he came back, he was one stinky mess. So he had to have a bath! What fun for my mini dog lover.

Granny got the shampoo and Papaw got Duke and the water hose. The bath began as Gracie stood by watching. All it took was the go ahead from Mom and she was "helping" with the bath and I was getting some cute scrapbooking material.

During the fun bath, Gracie leaned over and managed to get the dog shampoo in her hair. Now she is protected from shedding and fleas and ticks for at least a couple of weeks. : )

I love watching my Gracie have fun just being a kid. Someday I am sure she will bat those long eyelashes at her da da and ask for a dog of her own. Until then, we'll just have to convince her that Duke and Maggie are part hers.

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My Goodness said...

That's precious!! GREAT material!!

And I'm so glad she is protected from fleas & ticks, I was really worried!