Friday, October 31, 2008

Grilling Goodness #5

1. Is there anything peculiar about the way you sleep?
Not that I know of!!!

2. Are you in with the you own something with giraffe print?
Gracie had a shirt with giraffes this summer. I had to have it for our zoo trip. (My friend says I dress her like a scrapbook page.) I don't have anything for myself though.

3. What color do you have the most of hanging in your closet?
I'd probably say blue. It's my favorite color.

4. In the spirit of all the candy that will fly around today...what is your favorite kind of candy?
I'll say Ghiaradelli milk chocolate with caramel inside.

5. Is your thumb green or are you a plant killer?
I am a plant killer. I teach my students all the things plants need, but normally when I have my own I forget to give them water.

6. Do you have a crazy pet story?
Boy do I!!! When I was in the 4th grade, I really wanted to walk our full grown Golden Retriever. This dog weighed about as much as I did at the time. My dad relented and let me take the dog for a walk. He made me wrap the leash around my wrist a couple of times. The dog basically walked me, but it was basically a successful walk until we rounded the corner and my dad called for Misty from down the street. Misty took off running and drug me on my stomach through a yard before I could get the leash unwrapped. I was covered in grass stain and my dad was having a great laugh.

7. Did you ever tight-roll your jeans?
Who didn't???

8. Does your family read your blog?
Just my sister. I don't have a lot of readers.

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